A glimpse at the reasons for the delay of hamlets revenge

It is in very good condition, slight wear to the surface, but these were in circulation for a long time, so most are often very worn. A really lovely piece which measures; Both are in excellent original and undamaged condition.

Pot lids were highly collected in their day but when tin cans were widely introduced, this killed the potted goods industry. They held a fine sand and when you had finished writing with you old quill or ink pen, it was sprinkled over the page, to stop the ink from blotting.

Although there is some wear to the surface of this badge, it comes in very good condition and a fine example with good makers details on the back for Wernstein Jena. The condition is excellent but a few are missing from the set, there are 22 in all one being duplicated.

Here the Division relieved 7th Division to hold the front line sector at the Montello Netween 1st and 16th March. If it did have its suspender and India bar, this would be a valuable medal.

This fine example comes in pretty much perfect condition and only showing a minimum amount of use. The following items can be found on the A2Z Military Collectables websitewith full descriptions, photographs and prices. All part of the sports day symbols and all in good order.

An interesting display item, or a practical tin waiting to be used once again. They are all nicely marked on the inside and come in almost unused condition.

A superb carved hardwood grip to a Burmese Kris dagger, it shows a deity sitting on a carved stool wearing a double sided mask. Comes in good but dirty condition, the new owner can decide whether to polish it up or not. This medallion is in good original condition with a few light edge knocks, which is common on this white metal version.

Also included is a copy of his medal index card, which confirms his entitlement to the Mons clasp and rose. They both measure 7 x 4 inches. Under command of 9th Brigade, 3rd Division.

Here we have a mug and beaker, the mug being made by T. It has suffered some wear to the surface and both lugs on the back have been replaced.

Bance of the 57th battery RFA, welterweight in the 8th divisional Royal Navy and army boxing association, measures 1.

This medal was mounted at something, probably on a watch chain, so there is remains of silver at the 11 and 1 o-clock positions. At the time an incredibly difficult technique.

A wonderful long serving soldier, just missing out of a Military Medal for Gallantry in the Field.

Still a good heavy piece of 19th century shooting memorabilia. With the original picture which measures 3. This part set comes in a delicate light wood box with a sliding lid, they are a miniature size measuring just 15mm long x 8mm wide.

The goal was to build a formidable Nazi sports body to which all German sports associations would be submitted. This revolutionized the pottery industry; no long did that have to employ professional decorators to paint their wares. A small sized paper with four sheets, on the back page someone has highlighted a story about the cadet corps.

It was thought that physical exercise would improve the morale and productivity of German workers as well as making sports a source of national pride for the Germans.Here you will find overitems of militaria for sale on-line. The best opinions, comments and analysis from The Telegraph.

A glimpse at the reasons for the delay of hamlets revenge
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