Analysis of two kinds

Critical Analysis of Two Kinds by Amy Tan

I had listened to her before and look what happened. This book explores the various ways that mothers and daughters relate to each other as the daughters are struggling to forge their own place in the world.

Two Kinds by Amy Tan

It is as though she is forced to after her efforts at the talent contest. Author Amy Tan explores this sensitive and highly relevant aspect of this multicultural nation by employing sophisticated literary tools without compromising on the readability.

Cite Post McManus, Dermot. As a result, Jing-mei is shocked when her mother offers her the piano as a thirtieth birthday present. If anything she is living her life vicariously. It is inevitable that Jing-mei is going to rebel against her mother. The two pieces she plays at the end also act as symbolism.

Admired for her mop of blond ringlets, her coy, flirtatious pizazz, and her affected, plucky singing and dancing, she became one of the most famous and popular of all child stars in the 30s. While the author had intended the book to be a short-story collection, it is seen by critics as a novel due to the interrelated and cohesive narrative.

To have the aspirations that they too can be seen to be special or gifted or different from their peers. The end of the story is also interesting as Tan appears to be exploring the theme of acceptance. In Two Kinds, Amy Tan builds up the romantic concept of cultural origins and lost ethnic essence in order to radically undermine and reconfigure the notion of an ethnic essence.

As a result, Jing-mei is shocked when her mother expects her to continue practicing. Though unfortunately for her Jing-mei was on a different path.

Something which would play on the theme of identity. American Translation Pop Quiz!

Two Kinds Analysis

Two Kinds adds its own version of femininity and ethnicity to the wider narrative. This realization brings together the theme of the tension between mothers and daughters. It is easier for Jing-mei to give up than pursue something that she may not necessarily hit the mark for a prodigy.

When the reality is that Jing-mei set the bar too high for herself just like her mother has. After an unsuccessful bid for Congress inshe served as a United Nations delegate That Jing-mei is content in her life. Finally, her mother hits upon the answer: Bloom, The apparent folly of Mrs.

Jing-mei will be a piano virtuoso. Jing-mei is not a musical prodigy. In her struggle with her mother, she is struggling with her own identity.

The mother-daughter relationship is symbolized by the analogy of native-foreigner. She knows that she may not be good enough to be a prodigy and the embarrassment that she felt at the talent contest has in some ways shattered her confidence.

Woo scrapes together enough money to buy a secondhand piano. It acts as a constant reminder of her own failings. The Sitting Bee, 11 Oct. Each and every child likes to be thought of as special. However she is doing so through Jing-mei.

Losing a husband and children while in China. Born inshe made her film debut at age three in Stand Up and Cheer.Two Kinds is a short story by Amy Tan in the book The Joy Luck Club.

The Joy Luck Club

Tan writes about the intricacy of a daughter and mother relationship who migrated from China to America. One of these vignettes is 'Two Kinds.' Themes Common themes, or main topics, in The Joy Luck Club include the generational differences among Chinese-American families, as well as mother-daughter relationships, specifically, the one shared by Jing-Mei Woo and her mother, Suyuan Woo.

Suddenly, Jing-mei realizes that the two titles are two halves of the same song. This realization brings together the theme of the tension between mothers and daughters.

The mothers and daughters in this book are separated by many factors — age, experience, ambition, and culture. Essay about Two Kinds by Amy Tan. Amy Tan makes her readers think about the meaning behind her story “Two Kinds”. She tells the story from her own point of view to state her experiences and how she is feeling all throughout the story.

In my analysis of "Two Kinds", a portion of Tan's larger work, "The Joy Luck Club," I look at how the emphasis on the American Dream in Jing-Mei Woo's life hinders her identity development and ultimately causes her to be. Analysis of Two Kinds essays Two Kinds is a short story about a mother who pushes her daughter to become a prodigy.

Amy Tan uses two types of tone. At the beginning it displays an angry tone, but at the end the tone is apologetic. The purpose of this story is to make the reader realize how much pare.

Analysis of two kinds
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