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Mays was offered the presidency on March 10 and inaugurated the sixth president on August 1, The return of black soldiers from Europe at the end of World War I had only served to heighten racial tensions in the city.

Mays was an avid student, Benjamin mays essays thanks to early lessons from his elder sister, Susie, by the time he arrived at the one-room Brickhouse School at the age of six, he already knew how to count, read, and write.

Throughout his life, Mays maintained that education, personal pride, and peaceful protest were the most effective weapons in the war against racial bigotry. During his childhood, mob violence against blacks was rampant, and brutal lynchings were a common occurrence.

He met hundreds of national and international leaders and served as a trusted advisor to Presidents KennedyJohnsonand Carter.

Benjamin E. Mays life and biography

He instilled in him and all of his students two concepts that helped inspire the Civil Rights Movement. Mays also continued his scholarly efforts. Every man is within his star, each in his time. After months of courtship, they married on August 9, His steadfast devotion to academic excellence helped Morehouse become one of only four Benjamin mays essays colleges to be approved for a chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

Benjamin Mays

He published nearly articles and nine books. According to Frank J. He moved to improve the academic quality of the students by lowering admissions rates, and reforming the academic platform. The dice are loaded against him. Summer work as a Pullman porter--as well as scholarships and loans from the college--helped him pay his way.

He began his studies there as a sophomore in September During his six-year tenure, he succeeded in strengthening the faculty and facilities to such an extent that the school achieved a Class A rating from the American Association of Theological Schools. Mays Distinguished Professorship in Among the many distinguished Morehouse graduates he inspired were former mayor of Atlanta, Andrew Young ; Georgia state senator Julian Bond ; and civil rights legend Dr.

He later held a prominent position on the Atlanta Board of Education. Mays International Magnet School, in St. They gave me the thing I most needed. He quickly became the star pupil there and wept whenever bad weather kept him at home.

Mays revered him as his "spiritual son".

Benjamin E. Mays

Mays counter-proposal was to open the school to younger students who were ineligible to be drafted. Mays Drive in Atlanta, Georgia, U.

Beyond such practical concerns, Mays left a legacy of prominent Morehouse graduates and lent the college his own inimitable style, characterized by rigor and enthusiasm for the Morehouse mission.

They gave me the thing I most needed. During this period, Mays traveled widely, attending church and YMCA conferences around the world and earning an international reputation for academic excellence. At the time, the university was partially funded by the U. After his retirement from Morehouse College inMays served as a consultant for a variety of governmental, educational, civic, and religious organizations, and in he became a member of the Atlanta Board of Education.

Hope spoke to Mays about the lack of "a fine education for the colored in Atlanta". And of course [Mays] was one of the guys, one of the persons really that made things a lot easier for myself and some of the other black ball players.

Department of the Interior which prohibited funding to religious enterprises. At Bates, where he was one of only a handful of black students, Mays was surprised and heartened to find himself treated as an equal for the very first time. Sources African American scholar Benjamin E.

During his six-year tenure, he succeeded in strengthening the faculty and facilities to such an extent that the school achieved a Class A rating from the American Association of Theological Schools. He was named to the Schomburg Honor Roll of Race Relations in and was also called one of the 12 most powerful men in American by the Pittsburgh Courier in At the age of nine he received a standing ovation from the Mount Zion Baptist congregation for his recitation of the Sermon on the Mount.

He quickly became the star pupil there and wept whenever bad weather kept him at home. Mays is now a historical site and museum located in Greenwood County, South Carolina. No man is ahead of his time.

Benjamin Mays (ca. 1894-1984)

He graduated inaged 22 as its valedictorian. During Morehouse commencement ceremonies in June ofMays honored Dr.Dr.

B. E. Mays, PresidentMorehouse CollegeAtlanta, Georgia Dear Dr.

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Mays: This is just a note to let you know we are looking forward with great anticipation to your coming to us as Men’s Day Speaker at the o’clock service on the second Sunday in July. Please let me know how you will be traveling and what time you will arrive. I am off now to the.

10 Facts About Dr. Benjamin E. Mays “It must be borne in mind that the tragedy of life does not lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy of life lies in having no goal to reach.”.

Benjamin E.

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Mays is an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) school. Benjamin E. Mays is a Saint Paul Promise Neighborhood School The school has one all-day pre-k class and two half day pre-k classes. Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays was a giant in the Christian ministry and American education.

He is remembered for his outstanding leadership and service as a teacher, preacher, mentor, scholar, author and activist in the civil rights movement. Born August 1, near Epworth, South Carolina, he was a Phi. Benjamin E. Mays is credited as Scholar and educator, minister.

In addition to occupying the president's office at Morehouse, Benjamin Mays wrote, taught mathematics, worked for the Office of Education, served as chairman.

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