Case study of rohm and hass

It is highly likely that many samples were not forwarded to the parties who enquired about the product. This would also reduce the need for end-users to purchase detergents to add to metalwork fluid. It is important to also recognise the decreasing demand for metalwork fluid concentrate by maintenance biocide in the industry, and a continuation of this trend must be anticipated.

These issues will be taken into account in the subsequent analysis of the case and proposed modification of the current marketing plan. For Rohm and Haas customers, the formulators, maintenance products such as MWX will decrease their turnover but by bundling MWX with metalworking fluid concentrate will enable formulators to maintain their margin.

By bundling the product end-users keep on paying the previous formulator margin, but they realize the huge saving of the formulator metalworking fluid cost. The secondary distribution level is Industrial Supply Shops and Machine Tool shops, which number approximately 18, While at the shop end-users can pick-up MWX and use it to control the odour released by bacteria.

The estimate for sales volume of MWX will be: A promotion program of MWX should be implemented and focused towards the end users. This expense would be very minimal given the size of the market and expected returns. Although the product has some excellent features, there are some factors that seem to be at the basis of the current failure.

There are 10 large national formulators; middle size formulators and several hundred small formulators in the market.

The profit margin of Industry Supply House and Machine Tools Shops will be increased by cutting first level of distribution.

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The main need of the end user is the elimination of bacteria and fungi, which cause a bad odour and dermatitis. Secondly, the targeted end-users have low level of experience with the use of biocides in their metal working machines.

MWX is just one small product among their range. Rohm and Haas provide the display stand, posters and T shirts preferably black given the target market to the shops to get a best presence compared with competitive products.

The marketing survey found that the main needs of the customers were the reduction of odour and bacteria which causes dermatitis. Finally, the targeted end-users do apparently not realize that MWX could solve current problems of odor and dermatitis.

Rohm and Haas (A): New Product Marketing Strategy Case Solution & Answer

Campaign should run for the first 4 months. Four shirts per shop. The Point of Sales in the shops will be strengthened. In order to adequately promote the benefits, it would be better to have built the advertising around reducing dermatitis caused by fungi and bacteria and bringing the elimination of odour to the forefront.

Sales people will have direct contact with customers. The rationale behind this decision stems from the fact that these distribution channels already exist and we do not want to upset the formulators, the latter point also in light of increased competition on the Kathon MW products.Rohm and Haas (A): New Product Marketing Strategy Case Solution, Joan Macey, Market Manager Rohm and Haas Biocides for machining liquid metals, found that sales of new biocide, Kathon MWX was quite disappointing.

This is. Dow's bid for Rohm and Haas Case Solution,Dow's bid for Rohm and Haas Case Analysis, Dow's bid for Rohm and Haas Case Study Solution, Introduction The case is about Dow Company which is famous for producing commodity companyis considering acquiring Room and Haas and itis als.

Case Analysis on Rohm and Haas Essay Sample. Background. This report has been written as part of the academic requirements of the Master of Business Administration.

BUAD Rohm and Haas Case Study 1. Purpose of the Report: Joan Macey, the Rohm and Haas market manager for Metalworking Fluid Biocides, was reviewing the marketing approach for the recently introduced Kathon MWX maintenance biocide. Roam n hass 1. Background/Problem statement:Rohm and Haas found the new opportunity to enter to the market of small capacity metalworkingsystem.

Rohm and Haas Case Study. 1. Purpose of the Report: Joan Macey, the Rohm and Haas market manager for Metalworking Fluid Biocides, was reviewing the marketing approach for the recently introduced Kathon MWX.

Case study of rohm and hass
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