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Quasimodo is the bell-ringer of Notre Dame and a barely verbal and half-blind hunchback. Arnaud Later, a leading scholar on Hugo, accused Disney of simplifying, editing and censoring the novel in numerous aspects, including the personalities of the characters.

He rarely ventures outside the Cathedral because the citizens of Paris despise and shun him for his appearance. Meanwhile, Charles Kimbrough was cast as Victor, who was initially unimpressed at an animated adaptation of Hunchback, but later became rather impressed at the level of research that went into the film and how the story ideas transitioned from the novel to the screen.

Layout, cleanup, and special-effects artists provided additional support.

Afterward, Quasimodo comes to accept that Phoebus and Esmeralda are in love, and he gives them his blessing. As with many of his books, Hugo was interested in a time which seemed to him to be on the cusp between two types of society. The notable occasions when he does leave include taking part in the Festival of Fools which is celebrated on January 6 —during which he is elected the Pope of Fools due to his perfect hideousness—and his subsequent attempt to kidnap Esmeralda, his rescue of Esmeralda from the gallows, his attempt to bring Phoebus to Esmeralda, and his final abandonment of the cathedral at the end of the novel.

Major[ edit ] Esmeralda born Agnes is a beautiful year-old Gypsy street dancer who is naturally compassionate and kind.

Pierre Gringoire is a struggling poet. In the end of the novel, Djali is saved by Gringoire who has become fond of the goat during his marriage to Esmeralda after Esmeralda is captured and hanged. Illustration from Victor Hugo et son temps Victor Hugo began writing Notre-Dame de Paris inlargely to make his contemporaries more aware of the value of the Gothic architecture, which was neglected and often destroyed to be replaced by new buildings or defaced by replacement of parts of buildings in a newer style.

He tortures Esmeralda after her interrogation to the point in where he hurts her so badly she falsely confesses, sealing her own fate. Jacques Coppenole is a man who appears in the beginning of the novel as one of the Flemish guests at the Feast of Fools.

He convinces the Parisians to select the Pope of Fools. He then has her imprisoned. He is condemned to a miserable married life with Fleur-de-Lys. When Frollo discovers that she escaped, he instigates a citywide manhunt for her which involves setting fire to countless houses in his way.

She falls in love with and later marries Captain Phoebus. Gringoire, who attempted to help Esmeralda but was knocked out by Quasimodo, is about to be hanged by beggars when Esmeralda saves him by agreeing to marry him for four years. We were not going to end it the way the book ended, with everybody dead.

Later, Esmeralda is arrested and charged with the attempted murder of Phoebus, whom Frollo actually attempted to kill in jealousy after seeing him trying to seduce Esmeralda.

The premiere was preceded by a parade through the French Quarterbeginning at Jackson Square and utilizing floats and cast members from Walt Disney World. Major themes[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. When Esmeralda sings "God Help The Outcasts," she "walks in the opposite direction of more prosperous worshipers who are praying for material and earthly rewards.

Paul Kandel as Clopin Trouillefou — A puppeteer, storyteller, and mischievous leader of all the gypsies and thieves of Paris.

Bernard when Frollo tries to sweep out the rabble," wrote one reviewer. Frollo confronts Quasimodo and sends him back inside the cathedral.

The Gospel According to Disney explains that "it is the church He orders his guard to kill the rioters, and also the "witch" Esmeralda, because of being misinformed about the reason of rioting.

To atone for his sin, Frollo reluctantly agrees to raise the deformed child in Notre Dame as his son, naming him " Quasimodo ". Frollo refuses to help Quasimodo, but Esmeraldaa kind gypsy, intervenes by freeing the hunchback, and uses a magic trick to evade arrest.

Thinking she was cast as Esmeralda, Lauper was startled to learn she was to voice a gargoyle named Quinn, and was hired one week after one reading with the directors. The Gospel According to Disney includes a quote that says "religion The novel ends with their wedding.

Tony Fucile served as the supervising animator for Esmeralda. Allusions and references[ edit ] Allusions to actual history, geography and current science[ edit ] In The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Victor Hugo makes frequent reference to the architecture of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

Three songs written for the film were discarded for the storyboarding process.

Frollo returns to Notre Dame later that night and discovers that Quasimodo helped Esmeralda escape.Essay about Complex Moralities (the Hunchback of Notre Dame) Jessie Harrington Complex Moralities According to Aristotle, for a writer to create an interesting character it must be morally complex, meaning it must consist of not only good or bad morals, but both.

Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre.

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (French: Notre-Dame de Paris, "Our Lady of Paris") is a French Romantic/Gothic novel by Victor Hugo, published in Title. The novel's original French title, Notre-Dame de Paris, is a metaphor: it refers to Notre Dame Cathedral, on which.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame was released on June 21, to generally positive reviews and was a commercial success, grossing over $ million worldwide and becoming the fifth highest-grossing release of Frollo is a complex figure who is torn between "good and evil; chastity and lust.".

Complex Moralities (the Hunchback of Notre Dame) Essay. Complex Moralities According to Aristotle, for a writer to create an interesting character it must be morally complex, meaning it must consist of not only good or bad morals, but both.

Free Essay: Jessie Harrington Complex Moralities According to Aristotle, for a writer to create an interesting character it must be morally complex, meaning.

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Complex moralities the hunchback of notre
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