Economics extended essay macroeconomics

The pairings illustrate that focused topics indicated by the first title should be encouraged rather than broad topics indicated by the second title. Methodology For the methodology, it will be best if you separate primary research and secondary research. Afterwards, data on the respective market shares of all smartphone and laptop companies was obtained from professional and independent market research companies.

The survey was conducted from the 17th of February to the 17th of March; a period of one month. The reason for doing this is to see whether different degrees of market structure may exist in Apple Inc. The holidays are a wonderful time to unwind, and good breaks in IB are a must.

Try to focus your analysis to the different market structures.

Economics Extended Essay: An Extended View

Real data should be used on diagrams wherever possible. While some market surveys show that Apple Inc. A likert scale is a means of using a scale from to rate the approximation to two oppositely different things.

Essays that are highly descriptive will score poorly here. Lastly, the third paragraph tells the reader that I am trying to evaluate what I have talked about above, then state the research question.

After describing the primary and secondary research, it is optional to create a theoretical framework. Interpreting the assessment criteria Criterion A: Of course, I cannot guarantee that your final EE grade will be an A, but a B is very viable to achieve.

My sample EE hypothesis: Some examples of this could be as follows.

Macro Economic Essays

Good planning may be demonstrated by the use of appropriate information to support a well-structured argument. Nevertheless, topics on Macroeconomics inflation, economic growth, unemployment, inequalityor Economics Development are still common.

Extended Essay for IB Economics

Additionally, if diagrams are poorly presented or if the information shown on the diagram is unclear, one mark should be deducted. Research that have already been conducted by another person. For example, the relationship between marginal and average values should always show the correct mathematical link.

Price competition and Non-price competition, Large number of sellers and Single seller, No barriers to entry, High barriers to entry etc. Having a good research question will enable you to analyze your question better, and automatically get you 2 points Criteria A!

The introduction should not be seen as an excuse for padding out an essay with a lengthy superficial account of the reasons for choosing the subject.Sep 25,  · The extended essay in economics is a serious task, that can be useful for you as the specialist in the different industries, no matter, whether it is the macroeconomics or business.

These two are totally different, and it gives you additional space for ideas and creativity. Economics Extended Essay The Extended Essay (EE) is a compulsory requirement of the IB Diploma programme and attaining a grade below a D results in the failure to be awarded the Diploma.

Students who undertake an EE in Economics should:. An extended essay in economics provides students with an opportunity to undertake in-depth research in economics in an area of personal interest to them.

It allows students to develop research skills, to apply economic theory to real-world situations, and to analyse and evaluate the outcomes of their research. Extended Essay for IB Economics Some useful web sites to get you thinking about choosing your topic / question, and your overall approach to the EE: General EE advice.

Extended Essay world cup does not necessarily imply bombarding the country with the most expensive infrastructure and merchandises, nor does it imply that hosting a successful world cup means hosting the most expensive World Cup with regards to stadiums and supporting infrastructure (Bohlmann, ).

Nevertheless, topics on Macroeconomics (inflation, economic growth, unemployment, inequality), or Economics Development are still common. I would suggest either reading ahead or contacting a senior who could provide a brief introduction to the topic.

Economics extended essay macroeconomics
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