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Now his heart is finally released. These women had very few rights, and were looked down upon society. This house is the final place of the heart. Jane entered this room a quiet, placid girl, but she exited a defiant girl. This room was all red, and was supposedly haunted by the ghost of Mr. Because she is poor, Jane is excluded from many things in Gateshead.

Get instant access to over 50, essays. He draws her to him with a strong fascination; yet she is repelled by his animalism and by the fact that he locked his mad wife in the attic Chase As her cousin John Reed says "You have no Here, at Thornfield, Jane goes to work as a governess for Rochester and now is when Jane really starts to start her struggle to break free of the restraints of the social classes, so that she can free her heart.

An example of a wealthy class woman is Blanch Ingram. Such as "God ad nature intended you for a missionary wife After finding the house in ruins, Jane seeks Rochester at his other house Ferndean. During this time period, women never traveled alone, either with their husband or someone from their family.

Ferndean images a greenness, a new growth still possible for the "shattered tree" a reference to the tree split by lightning at Thornfield of their relationship Weekes Also, du The novel, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte is a thought provoking book that deals with the heroine, Jane, trying to break free of the social orders of the nineteenth century, in order to free herself from the restraints of the "class" system of the time and to free her heart from her inner self.

On this journey Bronte uses Jane to show the proper relationship between private feelings and moral order. These women stayed home doing house work, focusing on taking care of their children and doing chores.

They were stuck home doing tiring work for their family and also under the control of their husband or a much superior male. In order to be part of a society Jane feels she must lower herself to teaching in a country schoolhouse because in her mind she could never excel to social standards on the master-servant relationship that she had with Rochester.

Jane Eyre would have only found bad, she now also finds good.

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In society women were looked upon as mediocre and controlled by the much superior men. But all of this depended on what class of women they were in society. Jane seeks Rochester at his old home Thornfield Hall. The wealthy women had an easy going life.View Essay - Jane Eyre In Class Essay Assessment from ENGLISH Advanced P at The Baldwin School.

Iii-class essay on'Jane Eyre: Open book 7 I Dr hedlie Write an essay in which you discuss what this. Jane Eyre: Education Essay. The Importance of Jane’s Education The classic novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte tells the story of a young woman maturing into a gracious, intelligent woman with the help of friends, but most importantly education.

Jane Eyre: Feminism and Social Class Women in the Victorian Age were mostly housewives.

These women stayed home doing house work, focusing on taking care of their children and doing chores. Jane Eyre Essay. Words 10 Pages. Eventually, Jane graduates at the top of her class. This achievement raises Jane’s self esteem because in the eyes of her peers, she has finally done something right and id being properly honored for it.

Helen’s impact in Jane’s live allows for Jane to become a better person overall. Essay about Jane Eyre Class Issues the way Blanche Ingram and her mother talk of governesses, knowing full well that Jane is sitting right there.

For a gentleman to marry a governess, let alone his household's governess, was unheard of.

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Essay on jane eyre classes
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