Literary review of impact of technology on banking sector and customer satisfaction

Journal of Business Economics and Management There is, therefore, dire need to empirically validate the relationships between quality service and satisfaction of customers in various contexts.

However, customers satisfied relating to other nine attributes [ 38 ]. Customers of foreign bank experienced most excellent service quality contrary to the customers of nationalized bank in Pakistan [ 2 ].

All five factors were positively related to consumer satisfaction. The nationalised bank have to improve employee behaviour, ambience infrastructure, whereas the private and nationalised banks have to concentrate in the areas such as lower charges, more accessibility and good communication [ 44 ].

Constructs such as reliability, responsiveness, fulfillment, privacy and security have a significant association towards the customer satisfaction in internet banking [ 47 ]. Sabir RI Factors affecting customer satisfaction in banking sector of Pakistan.

The Case of Faisalabad. Afro Eurasian Studies 2: The contribution of the study would broadly be two fold namely quality service and satisfaction of customers in banks across various countries. Ma Z Assessing service ability and reliability to affect customer satisfaction of internet banking.

The factors influenced the service quality of the customer: The findings also have profound implications for customers for investing their money in foreign banks, public and private sector banks. The service quality as well as service value played a vital role in instituting customer loyalty [ 17 ].

Journal of Relationship Marketing An empirical study through servperf. The study is descriptive in nature and data was collected from many sources such as academic journals, magazines, websites and annual reports.

Siddiqi KO Interrelations between service quality attributes, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the retail banking sector in Bangladesh. Service quality and satisfaction of customers towards foreign and nationalised banks can be studied separately in future studies.

Ganguli S, Roy SK Generic technology-based service quality dimensions in banking, Impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Kumar R, Mittal A Customer satisfaction and service quality perception of technology based banking services: However reliability had only a partial support, which indicates the need to improve reliability to be more competitive in the market [ 25 ].

With a view to authenticate the study, various literatures have been reviewed to identify the research gaps.

Keywords Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Role of Banks, Retail Banking Introduction In the current banking scenario it is obvious that banks gain competitive advantage by rendering efficient service and thereby enhancing customer relationship.

The dimensions with regard to reliability and responsiveness need to be concentrated by Ghana Commercial Bank [ 34 ].


Bank safety and guarantees considered to be the important variables which influenced the satisfaction of customers [ 39 ]. Rehman AA Customer satisfaction and service quality in Islamic banking: International Review of Business Research Papers 3: Hereby, the researchers conclude that there is a dearth of literature in emerging service quality and customer satisfaction in banking sector that can be used as a trigger to examine diversified attributes of service quality and customer satisfaction, especially in the banking sector context.

Dinh V, Pickler L Examining service quality and customer satisfaction in the retail banking sector in Vietnam. Visit for more related articles at Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce Abstract The dynamics of service quality and satisfaction of customer on banks situated in various countries indicates that earlier studies offered no consensus over the subject, to confirm the issues and trends of these factors which regulate service quality and customer satisfaction.

Application of servqual model. Customers have highest and lowest satisfaction with regard to responsiveness dimension and reliability dimension respectively [ 4 ]. International Review of Management and Business 3: The maximum satisfaction of customers with respect to a receptiveness dimension - enthusiastic to assist the customers, friendly approach of employees b reliability dimension of customers care.self - service technology and customer satisfaction in commercial banks in kenya.

masabo henry ongori. a management research project submitted in. ANALYSIS OF SERVICE QUALITY AND SATISFACTION LEVEL OF CUSTOMERS IN BANKING SECTOR OF service quality dimensions are crucial for customer satisfaction in banking sector in Bangladesh.

KEYWORDS: Categorized Service Quality, Customer -Service quality has significant impact on overall customer satisfaction LITERATURE.

Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Novembervol. 21, no. S5 Edited By: Murat G├╝lmez A REVIEW OF SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN BANKING SERVICES: GLOBAL SCENARIO RAJAGOPAL SUBASHINI Department of Technology Management, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Thus, research on service.

To evaluate the impact of technology on the banking industry; To determine whether technology improves customer satisfaction. 2. Literature Review In the banking sector many banks operate through networks this enables speedy inter-bank transactions, hence.

The Impact of Technology Based Self Service Banking Dimensions On Customer Satisfaction Rajiv Sindwani1 and Dr Manisha Goel2 association between technology and quality of service in banking sector.

[18] conducted research on electronic banking in Nigeria. He found the major factors accountable for internet. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND BUSINESS PERFORMANCE is the same for banking sector also.

So, need arises not only to satisfy the customers but Impact of Internet Banking on Customer Satisfaction 6) Strategy for Online Customer Satisfaction and Business.

Literary review of impact of technology on banking sector and customer satisfaction
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