Nurses the patients best advocates essay

The Nurses Role in Patient Advocacy

In order to provide the best care and safe environment to a patient, nurses need to band together and work as a team. The professional nursing organization is the voice of reason within the conflict and struggle that comes as a result of the legislative process.

These organizations assist patients and their families in learning about Complementary and Alternative Medicine therapies Complementary and Alternative Medicine in cancer treatment, Nurses have been pushing for accountability of some kind for decades.

More Essay Examples on Ethics Rubric When a patient and doctor relationship is strained the nurse can sometimes help mediate a situation while always remembering her legal and ethical obligations. It is imperative that a nurse understand their legal and ethical obligations to society and be able to carry forward their role as a patient advocate.

Check with other coworkers to see if they feel the same way about the situation, compare notes and discuss what the problem is and present a united front; 3. Collaboration amongst staff has to be built on trust. Since the physician from our scenario has refused to discuss alternative health care options with the patient, it is the duty of the nurse to become a patient advocate.

Workplace advocacy in nursing is a vital necessity in making sure nurses are involved in the daily operation of the workplace through feedback they give to managers about the workplace. Physicians and nurses have different roles and duties in the hospital.

Within this particular area of advocacy, the manager seeks to help subordinates resolve ethical problems and provide solutions at the team level. Incompetence among health care providers The aging population Social issues such as poverty, violence, or sexually transmitted diseases Insurance authorizations and denials As a result, advocacy becomes the fundamental nature of nursing as these are often issues that the healthcare field deals with frequently.

Many blogs and websites have appeared to help nurses maintain an understanding of these policies. Physicians and nurses have different roles and duties in the hospital.

Workplace advocacy can exist at an organizational, local, state or national level to competently provide nurses with a wide-ranging quantity of strategies that strengthen their contribution in the workplace.

The Patient Bill of Rights states: Policymaking and workforce planning should be done effectively to collect data and provide for a better information infrastructure.

Pursue an advanced degree. Staff participation may be asked on certain decisions that are made with regard to product decisions. Nurses spend more one on one time with their patients than doctors. This makes the patient-advocate relationship operate smoother as a result because of the legislative changes.

Although nurses do not have the power to make certain types of care decisions, they do have the responsibility to follow the chain of command according to facility policy, until satisfied that good decisions are being made for their patients.

Care and compassion are two traits that most nurses excel in.

Sample Nursing Paper on Patient Advocacy

A scenario has been created in which a terminally ill patient has asked the doctor about alternative healthcare treatment options.

This will hopefully alleviate some of the issues that are plaguing society today. By fully engaging all levels of an organization, the managers can help to make the necessary changes when they arise Tomajan, As a patient advocate, ordering a consultation with those who can help further in the decision making process is paramount.

This allows for a better and more disciplined advocacy process in the long run. However these two qualities alone cannot facilitate being a voice for a patient. Education and moral courage are also essential needs when standing for the rights of a patient.

Nurses should always endeavor to become as skilled and qualified in their chosen field as possible by consistently trying to advance their education and training, as well as entering into a partnership with physicians and health professionals.

Retrieved February 12,from MedScape Today website: Nurses understand that they have a responsibility to advocate for their profession and that their commitment to their profession is one that will inevitably make the difference in whether changes happen.

Nurses should be involved in the process of both professional and personal levels in understanding the laws and regulations that govern certain acts in the creation of nursing policy. The Code of Ethics for Nurses was developed as a guide for carrying out nursing responsibilities in a manner consistent with quality in nursing care and the ethical obligations of the profession.

It is noteworthy for the patient advocate to recognize the difference between controlling patient choices and assisting patients in choosing the best decisions for care and wellbeing. Check with other coworkers to see if they feel the same way about the situation, compare notes and discuss what the problem is and present a united front; 3.

Role of the Patient Advocate. If nursing then is to advance as a profession, managers have to broaden their understanding of the impact nursing wages have on patient careconsumer issues driving the treatment industry, and health care policy making that defines patient rights.The Nurse Patient Relationship Nursing Essay; It is therefore the role of the nurse to be an advocate to patients and their families, ensure health and to promote wellness in the nation as a whole.

The Nurses Role in Patient Advocacy - Part 2

skills and competency in ethical decision making for the best interest of their patient (Griffith, and Tengnah, ). Nurse-Patient Relationship Essay Words | 9 Pages.

aim of this assignment is to demonstrate how Peplau's concept of the nurse-patient relationship can be used to influence an incident in practise. A nursing advocate acts for the patient even when the decisions may change from those of the nurse (“Patient, Subordinate and Professional Advocacy, n.d.).

The legislative 4/5(3). It is the nurse that gives the direct patient care by working with patients to monitor, evaluate, and implement their best judgment regarding the patients care.

This is a very large responsibility for any person, let alone someone who has. The Nurses Role in Patient Advocacy Caring originates in the relationships of shared human experience. The nurses primary roles of promoting health, preventing illness, restoring health and alleviating suffering places the nurse in a position to always remain an advocate for their patient.

Essays & Papers The Nurses Role in Patient Advocacy - Paper Example The Nurses Role in Patient Advocacy - Part 2 Caring originates in the relationships of shared human experience - The Nurses Role in Patient Advocacy introduction.

Nurses the patients best advocates essay
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