Oceanography study guide

These first seafaring explorers, navigators and oceanographers began to pay attention to the ocean in many ways. What are the mechanisms that cause the tectonic plates to move?

Because people could see only endless ocean from the shoreline, they believed the world was flat. The Age of Discovery About years ago, European explorers turned to the sea to find faster trade routes to cities in Asia and Europe.

How do terrigneous sediments get to the continental rise? The velocity of sound increases with increasing temperature How does the velocity of sound change with pressure?

The Bass will bother you because the frequency is lower and wavelength is longer which means it will travel further than the treble.

Their experiences and understanding of the oceans were passed down over thousands of years from generation to generation in myths and legends. They used three dimensions of behaviour which were emotionality, activity, and sociability Determining Salinity Salinometer measures the conductivity of the water.

Oceanography Study Guide

It is argued that the sale of energy drinks need to be banned. Charles Darwin and the Voyage of the Beagle Inand in the teeth of a gale, the HMS Beagle, Oceanography study guide British warship, left Devonport, England, for an expedition to map the South American coastline and to carry out chronometer surveys all over the globe.

Where does the salt in the oceans come from, and why does the salinity remain stable? Modern oceanography began as a field of science only a little less than years ago, in the late 19th century, after Americans, British and Europeans launched a few expeditions to explore ocean currents, ocean life, and the seafloor off their coastlines.

Describe one way in which temperament has been studied. Water dissolves more substances than any other solvent. Latent heat of Fusion Melting Heat required to change a unit mass from a solid to a liquid without changing temperature.

Energy demands are extremely likely to increase in the future due to rapid global population growth, the world population now nearly seven billion may rise to 16 billion by and predicted by the UN. Seeds also benefit the consumer Navy wanted to learn more about the oceans to gain fighting advantages, especially in submarine warfare.

Dissolving Ability Dissolves solids, gases, and liquids. Pure water is not a good conductor. Lack of CO2 at surface but increases with depth. Specific heat of water and the effect One calories per gram of water per degree C.

Why has damage from huricanes along the eastern seaboard and the GOM gotten worse lately? Why is the bulk of the pelagic clay on the ocean floor centered just north and south of the tropics?

These nutrients are non conservative; they do not maintain constant ratios like salt ions do.This test will cover four chapters from Ch. 6 to It will focus on the ocean processes and interaction with other systems. It will focus on the science, not the environmental aspect of oceanography. Concepts to know: Water and SeaWater Air- Sea interaction Ocean Circulation Waves and water dynami.

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Study Guide for Exam I: Oceanography Chapter 1 Knowing the Ocean World 1) Scientific Method 2) Ancient History 3) Library of Alexandria 4) Age of Discovery 5) Modern Oceanography Chapter 2 Origins 1) Condensation Theory and the Lives of Stars 2) Origin of Life.

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Marine Biology – Oceanography, Marine Plants & Invertebrates Certificate of Completion. GEOS Oceanography Exam Review. Scroll Down For Reviews for Exam 2 and the Final. EXAM 1 - THURSDAY Oct. 4th. FORMAT. 3 to 4 short essay and problem solving questions. Oceanography Short Study Guide.

History of Oceanography

Multiple Choice. Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Which of the following was the first expedition to use scientific measuring devices to study the ocean? a. SEASAT expedition. c. Poseidon expedition. b. Meteor expedition.

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Oceanography study guide
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