Radicalisation of indian youth

In addition, state support has granted terrorist groups access to resources, guidance and logistics, which would normally be beyond their capabilities, Singh said. However, the immediate issue before the Indian state is the pro-IS radicalisation.

The most serious of these were the serial explosions in Coimbatore in February, coinciding with the visit of Shri L. Many have adopted those courses which are deterrents to national development.

The second part follows: It would also be pertinent to state that most of the IM recruits had undergone motivational courses by Tabligi Jamaat and subsequently adhered to Ahle Hadith.

It would be interesting to know the background of these youngsters as also factors influencing them Radicalisation of indian youth convert to radicalism. It should be emphasised that Pakistan is on the verge of extinction because of the radicalised politics that it has allowed to proliferate in its society.

Hence, a sustained effort with new approach and outlook to turn over the situation needs to be adopted. The framers of the Indian Constitution had the wisdom to realize the importance of religious tolerance and freedom to profess, propagate and practise any religion.

Muslims of sects other than the predominant Sunnis are being blatantly persecuted. Although Indian nationals have been involved in terrorist attacks within the country, there has been no case of any one joining al-Qaeda or any other global terrorist group.

What we also need is for members of civil society to intervene and use their good offices to prevail upon such youngsters to refrain from becoming extremists.

Secularism, by constitutional amendment, had been included to the Preamble of the Constitution which makes India a secular state. It is definitely not an example that an ancient and enlightened civilization like Kashmir needs to follow. The anti-Muslim massacres in Gujarat in in the wake of the alleged massacre of some Hindu pilgrims travelling by train at the Godhra railway station by some local Muslims.

Significantly, the Parbhani module was not something that bucked the trend of radicalisation among Muslims.

Henceforth, some light would be thrown on the radicalization of the Indian youth. When evidence is poor, speculation is rich. Society must rise to meet the challenge. This has given rise to all sorts of speculation. Increasing numbers of youths are indoctrinated through propaganda that is freely streaming on the internet.

Mayawati Radicalisation of youth most challenging problem for world: The NIA is already working towards dismantling such groups. There are two reasons why concern must be raised.

The Radicalisation Series: Analysing the threat to Muslim youths in Maharashtra

The Tamil Nadu Police identified all those involved in terrorism and arrested and prosecuted them. Media reports, quoting rival politicians, put the number of Muslim youths missing from Aurangabad and Nanded regions from eight at the lowest to a hundred.

The Tamil Nadu government handled it in two ways. Currently, the number of Indian Muslims with IS in Syria is estimated to be around 30, but it could be higher.

It has no connection with Islam.Radicalisation of Indian Youth India faces several threats to its national security in this increasingly globalised environment and the radicalisation of the Indian youth is the greatest threat to our security.

Radicalisation of youth most challenging problem for world: Rajnath Singh Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said radicalisation of the populace, particularly youths, is one of the most challenging problems the world is facing currently.

Radicalization Of Indian Muslim Youth A Dangerous Portent. By Syed Ali Mujtaba. 31 July, billsimas.com T here are two very disturbing news coming out of India, both from the Marxist bastion of the country. One from Kerala, the other from West Bengal, both points towards the fact of the growing radicalization of Muslim youth.

Topic: Linkages between development and spread of extremism. 8) Critically examine the reasons for radicalization of muslim youth in parts of South India in recent months. ( Words) The Hindu.

Reasons For Radicalisation

Radicalisation of Indian youth November 2, July 25, Youth Forum Shreyan Acharya writes about religious intolerance among the. Reasons For Radicalisation as through the Pakistani jihadi organisations- has been trying to take advantage of the continuing anger amongst some Indian Muslim youth to create indigenous groups.

Radicalisation of indian youth
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