Reflective account about accident

I respected her views as these were set out on her care plan. The good news is that there are many ways to create a reflective account and it could be online or hand written. The mandatory units at level 2, level 3 and level 4 are very much similar with regards to the topic only that the scope is wider as the level increases i.

On one of my early shifts duties, as I started my shift, I noticed the presence of an unfamiliar person within the premises, who appeared to be finding it difficult to locate where she was going. There has been much discussion in the nursing literature about the development of the reflective practitioner and how reflection in practice can assist in closing the theory-practice gap.

This paper will commence with a brief explanation of how nurse education is developing reflection and experience to assist the student nurse to close the theory-practice gap.

Remember, It does not have to be a criticism, it could be positive. Already gone through her care plan, I was assessing her and asking her preferred support.

As part of your revalidation application, you will be required to provide five reflective accounts and complete one reflective discussion. One thing to remember is to not provide any details that may easily identify an individual, service user or patient especially if the event is out of the norm.

These are some of the topics that will be made available and more: She responded back with a welcoming smile, I started building warm and friendly and positive communication with her. She said that she is on a visit to see her grandmother who was a new resident to the home.

Therefore a reflective account can be understood as a real or true story of how you have carried out an activity at work or an action you took in the past and why you took the action.

Nurses have always experienced great difficulty in identifying a theory of practice. For both qualified nurses and students alike, reflection can be utilised as a learning process to help them expand and develop their clinical knowledge and skills to directly benefit client care Dewing For the next step please take a look at my article written on reflective discussions, appraisals and confirmation which you can find here.

How to complete a reflective account: Look out for reflective accounts on both the mandatory units and optional units within Level 2 and Level 3. Reflection can lead to new understanding and appreciation which can be put to use in future experiences Dewing How is this relevant to the Code?

I politely approached the stranger and asked her if I can be of any assistance to her?. Here are the recommended steps to take when writing a reflective account: Reflective account on how you have communicated effectively with service users and others.

A reflective account of an incident in practice related

Training CPDan event or experience in practice and feedback that you have collected about yourself or the team you are part of verbal, written, formal or informal.

Reflection is an active process of exploration and discovery which often leads to unexpected outcomes Boud et al HSC Reflective account on administration of medication. She was fine and comfortable to do so. As long as it relates to your practice as a nurse, you can reflect on it. Schon has identified reflection as a process of knowledge acquisition originating in practice and best suited to solving complex practice based problems.

My first service-user of the day was Ms A, she is 65 years old. But I was also conscious not to put undue pressure on her heart.

Reflective account of clinical incident - Essay Example

The performance criteria 22a, 22b, 22c or 32a, 32b, 32c as the case might be should be read through first. To think, meditate, or ponder. It can be difficult to know what to write if you are not given a question or a topic; for example some candidates say I need to write a reflective account for HSC22, but this unit has 3 elements and in most cases what their Reflective account about accident might have told them to do is to reflect on how they have handled an accident or emergency situation which is HSC22c.

I asked Ms A, to slide on the sliding sheet from her bed to the wheelchair with the support from my colleague and my self.MANAGEMENT Reflective practice in the Accident and Emergency setting S. Walker Susan H. Walker RGN BSc(Hons), Clinical Nurse Manager, Accident and Emergency Department, Trafford General Hospital, Moorside Road, Davyhulme Manchester M41 5SL, UK Manuscript accepted 26 April Accident and Emergency Nursing () The object of this paper is critically to analyse the issue of reflective.

In this assignment I will reflect on an episode of practice that happened in the accident and emergency department during my placement there. I will discuss my leadership role, supervision and delegation to others whilst I managed the minor's area on a morning shift.

Reflective Account OHS Level 5 Diploma Unit Develop and implement the health and safety policy Reflective Account Assessment Criteria Learner to provide narrative under each statement of how they meet the criteria and list the number of the piece(s) of evidence supplied to demonstrate this.

reduction in accidents/incidents, products. Before you submit your revalidation application you will need to have a reflective discussion, about your accounts, with another NMC registered nurse. Once they are happy that you have correctly recorded and reflected your five pieces, they will sign a copy of the mandatory Reflective Discussion NMC form.

Level 2 Reflective Account - Health and Safety. As a Health care worker I work in accordance with the Care Standard ActCodes of Practice and conduct, with the Legal and Organisational requirements, and procedures - Level 2 Reflective Account - Health and Safety introduction.

Before I start work, I ensure that the environment is spacious to avoid any accidents. A reflective account of the application of learning to clinical practice This leads to an ischaemic stroke.

As a result, ischaemic stroke affects approximately nine of every ten patients suffering from stroke.

Reflective account about accident
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