Segmentation targeting and positioning of samsung

Samsung mobiles target a broad range of customers from different age groups, different social status, and different lifestyles. Samsung Galaxy tends to reshape customers behavioral to create a new modern lifestyle relying on its Gear Product. Samsung positioned itself as a smartphone makes that produces the best quality products and it came up with new ideas to be more customer focused and creative in order to establish a strong brand image.

Hence there is something for everybody. It took Samsung a lot of effort and millions of dollars to reposition themselves and reach a level that they are today.

They have smartphones for Rural as well as for urban region customers 3. In term of segmentation, there are hardly no geographic base and demographic. Influenced by psychographic variables, people believe Samsung Galaxy Gear had experienced a long and honor history and improve continuously, and thousands of millions of customers are using it.

Samsung offers different products which start from Rs. Samsung too has products for people who make their choice based on their lifestyle. Maximum similarity within each group 2. With this effective but light product, people go more smoothly and save time. Check out the marketing mix of Samsung to learn more about the product range that Samsung has to offer.

A Long Time Comi ng We can come up with a better idea what the segmentation, targeting and positioning of Samsung Galaxy Gear are based on this advertisement.

Hence, positioning is nothing but customer perception about your brand as being different from the other brands on specific dimension including product attributes.

Targeting also plays an important role in deciding the marketing mix of the brand. Overall the positioning of Samsung looks good and they have products for each and every customer segment. Samsung Galaxy series in one such series with innovative features and stylish design developed specially for high-end customers who like to flaunt and make a style statement with their smartphones.

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Male and Female 3. Samsung targets both the rural as well as urban population. Brand Positioning of Samsung Understand the Segmentation, Positioning, and Targeting of Samsung Once known to be the low-quality service provider, Samsung is now one of the leading smartphone makers in the world. How do you position yourself in front of customers through the products and services that you offer, messages that you convey and marketing and promotional channels that you use?

This entry was posted in Uncategorized by minyingliu. For Samsung, the demographic segmentation lies between age group and people from lower middle class to upper middle class.

Samsung Galaxy Gear is a light but multi-founctional product that provides various daily service to make ours life easy but more effective.

Samsung Galaxy is targeting to people who are enjoying with a rapid pace of life, but able to fit in a modern hi-technic lifestyle. They offer smartphones which are economical for middle-class people and also offer high-end phones for more affluent classes.

Positioning of a brand starts with deciding on the customer segment that you want to target and what core proposition you want to promote to them so that you get the maximum output from it.

Hence the public feel that Samsung Galaxy Gear is a trustworthy product. Segmentation means the splitting of the market into groups of end users who have: The maximum difference between groups Segmentations is about segregating the target customers basis on the Age, Gender, Income, Lifestyle, Behavioural and Psychographic Segmentation 1.

Samsung has a deep product mix and has products which cater to different customer segments and classes. Psychographic segmentation is one of the most important segmentation in positioning a brand.It involves how samsung's does it's segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of. Samsung: PC and Office Mobile Phone Samsung Gear Fit Tablets/Notebooks TV and AV Segmentation Strategies used by Apple and Samsung Products A Bit about Apple and Samsung The smartphone industry is dominated by two giant companies: Apple and Samsung.

While Apple leads by profits, Samsung leads by market share. Samsung electronics market and analysis. value opportunities, new market space, matching value requirements with capabilities, market targeting and strategic positioning.

Activities of market segmentation are: 1. Levels of segmentation Samsung is targeting the customer market by dividing it into diferent segments and. Free Essays on Samsung Segmentation Targeting And Positioning Of Samsung Mobile Phones for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning.

Learning Outcomes. billsimas.comts can use the segmentation characteristics to identify and describe market segments. Samsung Target Market And Segmentation. Market segmentation: Market segmentation is the technique through which company tries to understand the target market and target customers.

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning of Samsung Galaxy

Segmentation is very necessary to recognize the customer differences as different characteristics are associated with each consumer response.5/5(1).

Segmentation targeting and positioning of samsung
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