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The sad reality is that hacked Amazon seller accounts have been available for years at underground shops for about half the price of a coffee at Starbucks. In the case of credential stuffing, the most commonly used standalone management tool we have observed enabling attacks is called Sentry MBA.

Based on our own research and that of others in the security industry, there are hundreds of millions of unique credentials for sale in underground markets, a figure which is growing rapidly as more sites are breached.

The first is to search the web and the second is to look for the default User Agent strings that comes with Sentry MBA. However, this serves to illustrate the real security challenge: These services can be tied together to enable any number of automated attack types in economical ways. There are a number of ways to detect Sentry MBA attacks.

A look at Sentry MBA – the most popular cybercriminal tool for credential stuffing attacks

Currently, the site advertises more thanAmazon account usernames and passwords for sale. The script kiddies have grown up and now have access to powerful attack frameworks which rival the complexity of the programming stacks used to create legitimate applications.

It suggested that as Sentry MBA is a very robust tool, it can crack a handful of different authentication types and it is pretty powerful at Sentry mba fakes or hits.

This requires a lot of information to get started on a site. In fact, that part of the kill chain can Sentry mba handed off to another group entirely.

Sentry MBA Tool Used in Attacks on Login Forms

Searching the web If your organization is a sufficiently high-profile target, you may be able to find criminals offering Sentry MBA configs for your website and mobile applications on various forums. Here are two low-effort mechanisms to determine if you have been targeted by a Sentry MBA attacker.

In order to bypass traditional security controls, like IP rate limits, reputation lists, blacklists, and other forms of IP-based analysis, attackers utilize large sets of proxies and botnets.

However, this is targeted at specific websites. He recommended a time penalty for multiple tries, and if there is a multiple password attempt on 50, accounts, have a method to detect a spike in authentication attempts, and block or watch out for multiple efforts coming from a Sentry mba server.

It is one of the most common attacks on popular web and mobile applications today and is capable of essentially breaching sites that do not have what are considered to be traditional security vulnerabilities. Proxy lists allow the attacker to bypass IP-based security controls.

A number of forums offer a wide variety of working configurations for various websites. Finally, combo lists provide the raw materials for the attack. Before you take any action, we recommend you consider the associated game theory.

Here is a screenshot from one such forum: In other words, if an attacker has a combo list of 1 million credentials, they may be able to hijack in the neighborhood of 10, accounts on any popular website using Sentry MBA with relative ease.

We are working with Amazon to refund all money that were spent buying these false products. If you are a security researcher and would like to receive a copy of this note, please contact our research team. Connect on LinkedIn A tool which facilitates attacks on login frames has been responsible for a number of attacks.

Identifying myself as a reporter, I asked the seller to tell me what he knew about how it all went down. The elusive Sonos Play: He said that the config file will show the tool where the username and password fields are, but he doubted that an average user could use or write a config file.

Suddenly the package seemed to stall, as did any updates about where it was or when it might arrive. Amazon refunded my money, and the legitimate seller never did figure out how his account was hacked. Over the past several years, many such tools have emerged that make sophisticated, compound automated attacks simple and efficient to execute by a wide variety of cybercriminals.

It does not require a deep understanding of it as proxy IPs will tell you if it is working or not. We could not access our account for a week.

Sentry Mba Configs

If you are unfamiliar with searching the Deep Web, you should consider consulting experienced open source intelligence analysts.The item at Amazon that drew me to this should-have-known-better bargain was a Sonos wireless speaker that is very pricey and as a consequence has hung on my wish list for quite some time.

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Sentry MBA

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beware of imitations we are Originals. It suggested that as Sentry MBA is a very robust tool, it can crack a handful of different authentication types and it is pretty powerful at determining fakes or hits.

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Sentry mba
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