Spaniards colonization

It lasted over four hundred years from to The Filipino leader, Emilio Aguinaldo, achieved considerable success before a peace was patched up with Spain. The Galleon trade brought silver from New Spain, which was used to purchase Asian goods such as silk from Chinaspices from the Moluccaslacquerware from Japan and Philippine cotton textiles.

Why do Spaniards call the Filipinos lazy when they colonize Philippines?

Political system[ edit ] Fort San Pedro was first of many fortresses to protect the islands from invaders such as pirates and other colonizers. For centuries before the Spanish arrived the Chinese had traded with the Filipinos, but evidently none had settled permanently in the islands until after the conquest.

It was sparked by Jose Rival who wrote two novels, "Noli Me Tangere" and "El filibusterismo", which incited Filipino nationalism and revolt against the Spanish colonizers, he formed a Spaniards colonization movement organization called La Liga Filipina on July 3rd, In a mass gathering in Caloocan, the Katipunan leaders organized themselves into a revolutionary government, and openly declared a nationwide-armed revolution.

In the first declarations of independence from Spanish rule occurred in the Viceroyalty of New Granada. The unpacified military zones corregimientosuch as Mariveles and Mindorowere headed by the corregidores.

Manila fell into the arms of the British on October 4, but this settlement was short lived as expansion into other islands in the Philippines was met with stiff resistance from the British Forces.

Spanish colonization

Therefore, in addition to Guam and Puerto Rico, Spain was forced in the negotiations to hand over the Philippines to the U. During thePeriod of Exploration and discovery, the Philippines did Spaniards colonization cultivate the spices desired by the Spaniards such ascloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.

After 85 years of internal war, the Filipinos surrendered on the 31st of August, Of the history of the Spaniards colonization population of CaliforniaSherburne F. The American aircraft was severely damaged in the initial Japanese attack.

Royal Company of the Philippines[ edit ] See also: He claimed the islands for the king of Spain. What followed was one of the greatest tragedies in human history as smallpox, influenza, and other communicable diseases ravaged the native populations, killing millions.

The Philippine islands first came to the attention of Europeans with the Spanish expedition around the world led by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in This gradually resulted in the death of both institutions: The Libertadores Spanish and Portuguese for "Liberators" were the principal leaders of the Spanish American wars of independence.

So, for the native people of Mexico the arrival of the Spanish was about the worst outcome of an alien invasion that you could imagine. The earliest political system used during the conquista period was the encomienda system, which resembled the feudal system in medieval Europe.

Manila, declared an open city to prevent its destruction, was occupied by the Japanese on January 2, The English wanted to colonize America because they wanted to takeover the resources. More importantly, the native people themselves were parceled out to the conquistadors, who were given title to the land and its people in return for a promise to teach the natives Christianity.

Additionally, since the Spain was aCatholic country, it was obliged by the pope to convert the nativesfrom places they colonized into Christianity. The conquistadors were truly amazed by what they found — immense wealth in gold and silver, complex cities rivaling or surpassing those in Europe, and remarkable artistic and scientific achievements.

Manila-Acapulco galleon trade[ edit ] The Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade was the main source of income for the colony during its early years.

This prompted the rise of the ilustrados, an enlightened Filipino upper class, since many young Filipinos were able to study in Europe.The four voyages of Columbus (between and ) served to open the door to European exploration, colonization and exploitation of the New World, although Columbus himself never set foot in North America.

Spanish Colonization Colonization began when a Spanish explorer Miguel López de Legazpi arrived from Mexico and formed the first European settlements of San Miguel in Cebu, one of the premiere centers of trade in the region. The history of the Philippines from toalso known as the Spanish colonial period, a period that spans during the Captaincy General of the Philippines located in the collection of Islands in Southeast Asia that was colonized by Spain known as 'Las Islas Filipinas', under New Spain until Mexican independence which gave Madrid direct.

Of course, discrimination and repression were features of Spanish colonial rule throughout its history. Spain's government in Madrid tried hard to govern the New World, despite its distance from Europe.

Spanish colonization of the Americas

The Spanish conquest of Yucatán, the Spanish conquest of Guatemala, the war of Mexico's west, and the Chichimeca War in northern Mexico expanded Spanish control over territory and indigenous populations. The Spanish introduced horses, cows, sheep, and goats, as well tomatoes, chilies, Kentucky bluegrass, and a variety of weeds.

As livestock devoured the region's tall native grasses, a new and distinctly southwestern environment.

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Spaniards colonization
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