Tems umts dropped blocked call specifications

In this post I am going to discuss what the differences between these two events are, and briefly explain how they can be handled by the mobile service provider. The dropped-call rate is usually included, together with other technical parameters of the network, in a key performance indicator known as call retainability.

External antennas Every mobile phone should be connected with external antenna during DT. To summarize things, a Blocked Call is something which occurs before the connection is complete between the called party and the calling party. The dropped-call rate in conventional land-line networks is extremely low and is significantly less than 0.

Some testing requires one phone and some other requires two or more. Every software has a key to work properly. The dropped-call rate is one of the Tems umts dropped blocked call specifications performance indicators KPI used by the network operators to assess the performance of their networks.

Please add any comments or suggestions on the blog. A blocked call only depends on the wireless part of the network, i. A traffic management team makes sure that the network is always ready to handle the calls at any moment of time including the busiest hour of the day.

Except this key all the drive testing features of DT software will be disabled, until the key is not attached with the laptop. Cell file We must load the cellfile into the data collection software. These two are completely different phenomena, but the impact they create on a customer is the same, annoyance.

We can load the digital map of the whole region or we can load the map of some specific roads that need drive test. Types of drive Test Drive test can be performed in very many ways.

MapInfo has the ability to combine and display, on a single map, data from a variety of sources that are in different formats and projections. In mobile networks this is achieved by improving radio coverage, expanding the capacity of the network and optimising the performance of its elements, all of which may require considerable effort and significant investments on the part of the network operator.

Data collection Software This is the software through which field data will be collected. Completion of the call here implies the connection being complete for either party to exchange talks. This map comprises all the accessible DT routs.

Car GPS also attached on top of the vehicle like external antenna and connected with laptop through cable. It will also allow for certain test signals to be transmitted and tested, particularly when setting up a new site, without interrupting normal operation.

Also, the court said, there is no legal basis or explanation in the Regulations as to why the compensation has been limited to only three call drops. However, night-time testing does not imitate the conditions experienced by subscribers. This is mainly because of insufficient bandwidth availability Wireless Channels or the Wire-Line Channels compared to the number of people attempting to access the network.

Software and necessary files: DT laptop should be with good condition and configuration, like high speed processor and especially RAM volume should be more for smooth drive testing.

External antenna can minimize this problem. In modern telecommunication systems, such as cellular networksthe call setup procedure may be very complex and the point at which a call is considered successfully connected may be defined in a number of ways, thus influencing the way the dropped-call rate is calculated.

However, there are other purposes for which drive testing can be used: This phenomenon depends on the entire network, the wireless channels on the calling end, the wire-line backbone network, the wireless channels on the destination end. Generally this is done using a vehicle, but it can also be carried out on foot where circumstances dictate like inside a building for IBS Testing.

This is where traffic management comes into picture. Gradual investment as the customer base grows is always a better situation to be in than investing heavily at once expecting the customer base to rise. As I mentioned about a wireless callit is not wireless in entirety and it has to access the wire-line network in order to reach the destination cell phone.

Mobile phones and phone charger Special mobile phones designed with field measurement features. The Purpose of Drive Testing Drive testing is principally applied in both the planning and optimization stage of network development.

Every mobile phone has its own data cable to transfer measured data to the software installed in the laptop.

We can easily plot our sites position, routes, and building drawings for indoor test with this software. I tried to explain the difference between a Blocked Call and Dropped Call in simple terms and there might be something that you can add to understand the process better.Events in tems products Time in seconds from reception of System Information Block Type 19 (UMTS) to reception of System Information Block on LTE.

Note in particular that a transition to state NULL can take place from any state following one of the events Blocked Call or Dropped Call; such state transitions are not shown in the diagram. Tems_UMTS_dropped & Blocked Call Specifications!!!! Prach Explanation. Documents Similar To LTE Formula Sheet.

ZTE Standard Paremeter_2G_3G_4G_xlsx. Uploaded by. Fahmi Yasser.

Tems_UMTS_dropped & Blocked Call Specifications!!!! Uploaded by. farhanhhh. 5/5(1). 3 g dropped & blocked call specifications 1 Introduction This document describes some of the typical dropped/blocked call classifications encountered during several RAN Tuning Projects for WCDMA networks.

the Radio Environment is not suitable for a good connection and therefore the dropped call occurs. Sometimes the.

Dropped-call rate

Through this course you will learn how the "TEMS" as a software used in testing is used; you will know how to investigate Rf problems like Call Drop, Call Block, Handover Failure and other problems, also introducing solutions for these problems according to your investigation causes for the problem.

Tems_UMTS_dropped & blocked call billsimas.com Link Budget. Gpa. Airport Express Route. Basic Call Good. How GSM Works. Tems_UMTS_dropped & blocked call billsimas.com Enviado por.

Jitendra Kumar. Link Budget. Enviado por. Jitendra Kumar. Gpa. Enviado por. Jitendra Kumar. Airport Express Route. A dropped call may be caused by different reasons, such as hand-off failure. The Agilent Drive Test Solutions application uses a combination of phone states and messages to determine a dropped call.

Dropped calls are determined similarly to blocked .

Tems umts dropped blocked call specifications
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