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Antigone astonished Kreon with her defiance and arrogance. Ismene did not want another tragic event in their family.

Moreover, Athenian men married to have male children in order to perpetuate the family line and guarantee him honors when he died. She wanted to give a proper burial for Polyneices because Antigone knew that this was the right. Get Access The Roles of Men and Women in Ancient Greek Society Essay Sample In most of the ancient Greek world, gender roles were fairly static throughout time and outside circumstances had little or no influence on gender construction.

Although love was never a determining factor in marriages, a lifelong bond and devotion developed between a couple as the years passed. This was the typical gender construction of most ancient societies, and remained so in much of the world until modern times.

She explained to Ismene how she was going to give a proper burial at the beginning of the play. Unlike the women of Athens, Spartan women were taught reading, and writing, but were also expected to be able to protect themselves.

Women were viewed as second class citizens by the society and had limited freedom and rights than male citizens. I would like to leave you with closing remarks that illustrate the bond between a wife and her husband.

These characteristics were seen earlier in the play in a man with power, such as Kreon.

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He also does not want them to make their own decisions. The role of Greek women could be seen through the play Antigone. Though they ranked higher than slaves did, they were treated in many of the same ways. The wife was also responsible for maintaining her attractiveness for her husband.

It was this bond that sparked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to one another and the growth of their love for one another.

Essay: Women in Ancient Greece

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She begged Antigone to follow the laws of Thebes. Women were only useful for establishing a bloodline that could carry on the family name and give the proper last rites to the husband. Athenian women can be classified into three general classes. By comparison to present day standards, Athenian women were only a small step above slaves by the 5th century BC.

These common goals brought together the husband and wife like never before. It was improper for respectable women to share the same social entertainments as men. They treated the women as if they had no brain to do things on their own.

Women in Ancient Greece Essay: Kreon wished to keep women in their places. They rarely left the house, unless they were part of some sort of religious procession.This free History essay on Essay: Women in Ancient Greece is perfect for History students to use as an example.

In Ancient Greece, men were superior to women and slaves. Men were of higher importance, while women ranked lower on the social class. Slaves were also treated unfairly, and were brutally harmed by people of a higher social class.

Women In Ancient Greece

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ESSAYS, term and research. Free Essay: Women's Roles in Ancient Greece and Rome Women have played important roles throughout history. They have been responsible for the rise and fall.

The Roles of Men and Women in Ancient Greek Society Essay Sample

Essay: Women in Ancient Greece Women’s role in Greece can be seen when one first begins to do research on the subject. The subject of women in Greece is coupled with the subject of slaves. Essay on Women’s Roles in the Ancient Greece - All throughout Greek history you hear all about the men of the Olympics.

However, you .

Women of ancient greece essay
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