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Do not talk about your desire to work with graduate students if the institution only has undergraduates! In this statement also mention potential funding your research could bring to the department and which laboratory equipment and space the department should provide you.

Write how you became interested in what you have done and why it is still interesting for you. These samples are provided to help you see how others have talked about their research so that you can understand the range of different approaches that can be taken.

What direction will your research take you in next, and what new questions do you have? Ask faculty in your department if they are willing to share their own research statements with you.

The employer will learn about: Additionally, you should make sure that your future research plans differ from those of your PI or advisor, as you need to be seen as an independent researcher. You should think about your future research in terms of the students at the institution.

Integrating students into your research may be an important part of your future research at your target institutions. You can give some idea of a 5-year research plan that includes the studies you want to perform, but also mention your long-term plans, so that the search committee knows that this is not a finite project.

Writing a statement of academic research interest

Think about how you can tailor your research statement for each application. Highlight your scientific skills, your passion, and your ideas! The clearer your statement, the more powerful your application! You may have faced some serious challenges that required some creative problem-solving to overcome.

There are many examples of research statements online, and links to some of these resources are listed below. What challenges did you encounter along the way, and how did you overcome these challenges?

Again, mention any resources that specific institutions have that you would be interested in utilizing e. How is this research different from previous work you have done, and what brought you to where you are today?

While you are focusing on the past, present, and future or your research, and tailoring it to each institution, you should also think about the length of your statement and how detailed or specific you make the descriptions of your research. Your goal is to create a unique research statement that clearly highlights your abilities as a researcher.

How to Write a Killer Research Interest Statement

Important Reminders A very common mistake is to use a basic template for each application. Remember to focus on what you found, what questions you answered, and why your findings are significant.

Ultimately, your research statement should complement your cover letter, CV, and teaching philosophy to illustrate what makes you an ideal candidate for the job.The research statement describes your research experiences, interests, and plans. Writing a research statement allows you to: Find sample research statements using a search engine, websites of professional organizations, etc.

Finish a full draft. Research Statement Research Statement. Introduction It tells a search committee about your areas of specialty, your academic knowledge and writing ability, your fit with department faculty expertise and institutional goals, and your potential to make a contribution to your sub-field and/or to win grants.

Clips from Sample Research.

Sample Teaching and Research Statements

The Purpose of a Research Statement. Another important consideration when writing about your research is realizing that you do not perform research in a vacuum. When doing your research you may have worked within a team environment at some point, or sought out specific collaborations.

Mathematical sciences sample. Download the Writing Roundabout eBook to understand the challenges involved in planning, drafting, revising, and editing your academic writing. VI. Writing the Research Statement: How and Why You Research What You Do.

“How to Write about Your Research Interests” is taken from our free guide, Get Your Game On: Prepping for Your Grad School Application.

The most common challenge that my clients face when writing a statement of purpose (SOP) for a Master’s or PhD application is how to describe, in concrete terms, what their research interests and.

Sample Teaching and Research Statements. Appointments & Walk-Ins; Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters & Correspondence; Interviewing Advice; Networking & Mentoring; Sample Research Statement II; Sample Research Statement III; Science, Engineering and Mathematics.

Research Statement

Sample Research Statement I; Sample Research Statement II.

Writing research interests statement sample
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